17 yo Alabama Artist Baby Superstar Jay signed to Rome Empire Music Group for 50K


Jay started making music at 4 years of age my first song being a blues song in a studio my grandfather had , later on at the same age I started stretching my unknown versatility with also making my first rap song my versatility came from inspirations of family I grew up around, My grandfather was a blues artist himself and my cousin (Gator Slim) and big brothers (Superstar Jay & 4YK) were also artists. I started officially recording songs at the age of 12 , my first song, (Get A Bag) F featuring my older brother “4YK” Released in 2018

I want to receive is help too prosper in my career: guidance, keep me level headed, motivation, and loyalty Day 1.

I don’t really have a goal to reach with music. I feel like having a goal is cutting yourself short to how far you can go. I keep my head focused on “work the hardest”.

I’d like to collaborate with would be Miguel, Billie Eilish , Lil baby , Rod Wave , And Lloyd

I’ve been playing drums since the age of 3 with my cousin JayJay but as I got older I started too like snare drum, bass drum and other percussion instruments

I won’t set a limit on exactly what I’ll endorse but I’m willing to endorse anyone who comes with the right deal and purpose.

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