Immortal Kingz is Making Waves in Music Industry

Immortal Kingz

PBP Recordings Presents Sabotaj & Haph Breed as Immortal Kingz. These 2 legendary emcee’s teamed up together only to create a classic album produced entirely by Haph Breed. Reminding you that lyrics and bars still do matter, this hip hop duo is cut from the same cloth as many legendary artists that came from the golden era.

Immortal Kingz is back with their 2nd installment single “We’re On A Mission” from their debut album. On this joint, Sabotaj & Haph Breed are on a mission to preserve the culture of hip hop as they pay homage to the James Bond phenomenon displaying their skills as secret agents on the mic.

Produced by Haph Breed for Metamorphic Muzik/3D Prod.
Video completed and executed by Maney Moneda
Photography by Tarikh Melancon


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