J-Killa’s ‘BeLoved 2’ Is Out Now!


Georgia native, J-Killa has released BeLoved 2, the sequel to 2020’s BeLoved and we are here for it! The album’s artwork is completely beautiful as it was crafted gracefully from the love of his life, it includes 10 fresh tracks with 1 that was released earlier this year on New Year’s as a single. From start to finish this is one of the most poetic pieces of work we have heard this year and it was released on Valentine’s Day which is big knowing that this is a R&B/Soul solo album. The melodic style seems to be working wonders for him as he stays glued to his lyrical wordplay with the addition of harmonic ad-libs in almost every track. His sound and style are very unique from a lot of artists that are out there! 

Each song has a different meaning but revolves around the same emotion, love. Love is powerful and there are some that are still speculative on its value but J-Killa is here to express to us that it is indeed real, and it does exist. Diving into the heart of each song we noticed that he did not hold back on anything, from how he feels to how he is feeling. The message is clear; I’m going to tell these people how I feel about you, but through these words that I’ve written from my heart, I am speaking directly to you. We love it! This is what I would classify as a (no skip) album as every song is fire. The instrumentals chosen get you prepared for the mood of the track and that in itself is art! There are also a lot of songs on this album that are repeat worthy and radio ready!

Brief talks with the artist he had this to say, “BeLoved 2 is full of emotion, truth, love and fun. At this point in life I’m just letting it be known, this is what I stand for, this is what I’m capable of and this is who I do it for. Crafting music that comes from an authentic place separates you from a crowd that is becoming overcrowded. You know I look in the mirror frequently and I question myself on so many things. The power in words are real, shifting phrases from am I good enough to I am good enough does something good for you and I’ve evolved as an artist and as a man. I can only be thankful for all that I have created and shared with you all, for all that I have and for all that I love.”

Well-mannered and spoken as we wish nothing but the best to you and your beloved. You can check out BeLoved 2 at the links below, you will not be disappointed.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2YNcIJWnCtJUyi3aTeE7CR

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