Aveek Music Unveils “Sex Overdose” – An Exciting R&B Anthem for the Ladies

Aveek Music

R&B enthusiasts have a reason to rejoice as Aveek, the rising star in the genre, teases fans with a glimpse of his highly anticipated new song, “Sex Overdose.” With an official release date set for October 27th, this track promises to be a captivating addition to Aveek Music’s discography. Produced by the talented Kenneth “KG” Green and featuring a music video directed by Ryan Wallace, also known as Lonely Floater, “Sex Overdose” is poised to be a certified R&B hit that will leave a lasting impression as we approach the end of the year.

“Sex Overdose” is expected to be an exciting and sensual anthem that will resonate with listeners, particularly the ladies. Aveek’s smooth and soulful vocals, combined with the impeccable production, create an irresistible blend that is sure to captivate the audience. The track delves into themes of desire, passion, and the intoxicating effects of love, offering a sonic experience that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

The upcoming release of “Sex Overdose” showcases Aveek’s ability to collaborate with industry talents. The music video, directed by Ryan Wallace, promises to bring visual storytelling to new heights, adding a dynamic layer to the overall experience of the song. Additionally, the track’s production, helmed by Kenneth “KG” Green, highlights his prowess as a producer and engineer, ensuring that the musical elements align seamlessly with Aveek Music’s vision.

While the official release date for the music video is yet to be announced, fans can anticipate a visual masterpiece that complements the sensual vibe of “Sex Overdose.” The video, directed by Ryan Wallace and with Smiley as the visual creator, is expected to elevate the track’s impact, providing a visual representation of Aveek Music’s artistic vision.

As we approach the end of the year, “Sex Overdose” has the potential to become a certified R&B hit that leaves a lasting impression. Aveek Music’s ability to convey raw emotions through his soul-stirring vocals, combined with the impeccable production and captivating visuals, will undoubtedly secure his position as an emerging force in the genre. This track serves as an exciting culmination to Aveek Music’s year, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what he has in store for the future.



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