Dead Summer – Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix

Dead Summer

Music is a constantly moving, always evolving thing. Even well-established genres need help to afford to sit and stagnate. Pop, rock, punk, and punk-pop all have well-defined and archetypal sounds, but how those sounds evolve and engage with the modern audience keeps music alive and exciting.

Dead Summer is a collaboration between songwriters Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix, a short, sharp, and shockingly great slice of punk-pop for the 2020s. But whereas in the past, those making such music would rely on the more traditional live instruments – guitar, bass, and drums – they mix and meld, sample and subsume, cut and copy from more digital sources.

But the result is no less impactful. It is raw and riotous, infectious and energetic even to the point of euphoria, and lyrically they juggle the identical strands of wit and wisdom, satire and sass, which have defined the genre since its inception.

There are life-affirming anthems in the form of I Don’t Think It Could Get Much Better, incendiary salvos such as Alone, thoughtful sonic missives with Can’t Be God and songs that turn our attention to more carnal thoughts Love Games and Teenage Dirtbag.

Dead Summer is the sound of genres moving forward and embracing the potential of what lies over the creative hill. Forward-thinking, evolutionary and perhaps, in its way, a little bit revolutionary.

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