The Flight – Paul Morris

Paul Morris

Hip-hop and the rap it gave birth to forged a distinctive and recognizable sound around itself. Still, with at least two generations of musical evolution and creative revolution, not to mention all of the innovations that have changed recording technology beyond all recognition, it is fair to say that the genre is a vastly different place.

And that is why this album by the artist Paul Morris, formerly known as Konchynce, is such a neat release. Yes, it ticks many boxes that you would expect from a hip-hop artist – lyrical talent, a social conscience, solid beats, and an addictive groove – but it also neatly shows you where that genre is today. To this end, it is a deft blend of skittering trap beats and beguiling electronica, brooding vibes, and depth-charge bass hits.

And it is this ability to blend musical nostalgia and tradition with a forward-thinking view of where music is going which makes it so potent, not to mention relevant. The Flight is an album that tips its hat to the past while striding confidently into the light of a bright new future. How cool is that?

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