Carrie Bradshaw of the TikTok generation: Carrie Berk will teach you how to live a ‘Real-Life Rom-Com’

This Gen-Z Carrie Bradshaw might only be 20 years old — but she’s already found her happily ever after.

Carrie Berk — yes, she shares the same name as the “Sex and the City” protagonist, and no, it’s not a coincidence — is a social media star dishing out dating advice in her brand new book, “My Real-Life Rom-Com: How to Build Confidence and Write Your Own Relationship Rules.”

“The rom-coms we see at the movies aren’t necessarily real life,” Berk told The Post. “Real life is messy and it’s hard.”

That may be true, but Berk’s “real life” is much more glamorous than the average New Yorker’s — and it appears she was destined by birth to become a relationship writer.

Berk was named after Carrie Bradshaw by her “Sex and the City” obsessed mom: magazine editor and noted author, Sheryl Berk.

She had a gilded childhood, growing up on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, attending the ritzy Trevor Day School and spending ample time out in the Hamptons.

During the pandemic, Berk became a bona fide star on TikTok, racking up a whopping 3.8 million followers, with videos about fashion, fitness and beauty. However, in spite of her privilege and social media fame, Berk says she’s just like any other boy-crazy girl.

Carrie Bradshaw of the TikTok generation

Recently, the rising cyberstar finally snagged her own (unnamed, by choice) Prince Charming, and in “My Real-Life Rom-Com” she details her dating adventures in the hopes that her fans can land their own lasting love, too.

Each chapter in “My Real-Life Rom Com” is dedicated to one of Berk’s flings, exes or crushes.

There’s a boy at a bar mitzvah, a dreamy SoCal surfer, and the first guy who ever broke her heart — an attractive Australian she describes as her “very own Chris Hemsworth.”

But Berk’s book isn’t your average agony aunt advice guide. Instead, she shares her romantic history so that readers can draw their own conclusions to come up with “relationship rules” that work for them.

“I don’t want to be dictating the rules for dating,” the social media sensation — who also boasts 920,000 followers on Instagram — told The Post.

However, there is one lesson that Berk abides by.

“The ultimate lesson at the core of my book is: self-love comes first,” Berk declared. “It sounds like such a cliché — but you can’t love others unless you love yourself.”

She also told The Post she believes that healthy communication is non-negotiable.

“In general, someone who is a really poor communicator is a warning sign,” the author asserted saying people should be wary about potential paramours who don’t respond to texts in a timely fashion and cancel plans at the last minute.

Berk has been dating her current boyfriend since May after meeting him on a dating app. And although she’s smitten, he’s just one of the loves of her life.

Berk dedicates her new book to her mom, who she says helped foster her love of Carrie Bradshaw.

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