Keefe D Admits He’s Afraid Of Jail In Resurfaced Interview Following 2Pac Murder Arrest

Keefe D once admitted he was afraid of being jailed for his comments on the murder of 2Pac, months prior to his arrest in the investigation. The clip, which stems from an interview with The Art of Dialogue, has been resurfacing on social media after the latest updates in the case.

When asked about whether Big Dre was the one to pull the trigger in the killing, Keefe D dodged answering. “Them dudes was kids, man. Both of them dudes was kids back then,” he said at the time. “Dre was an All-CIF basketball player. He had a nice shot, dunking, all that shit. Dre was an athlete. He wasn’t about that.” From there, the interviewer pressed Keefe on the question. Getting flustered, Keefe answered: “Man. We don’t need to discuss that. We already discussed that. What are you trying to get me in jail again?”

Afraid Of Jail In Resurfaced Interview Following 2Pac Murder Arrest

Keefe D has spoken openly about the killing of 2Pac in interviews with VladTV as well as The Art of Dialogue for years. He also released a memoir titled Compton Street Legend in 2019. In the wake of his arrest, many spoke out to criticize how long it took police to bring him in. Ice-T told AllHipHop that he doesn’t “really understand why it took law enforcement so long,” while arguing that “if I say that I’m in a car with somebody that does something, I’m part of the crime. If I go over to your house and ask you for a gun and you give it to me and I go do it, you aided and abetted the crime.”

Las Vegas police finally arrested Keefe D on September 29. He will appear in court for his arraignment on Wednesday, October 4. Be on the lookout for further updates on the case on HotNewHipHop.

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