Meet Rising Artists “Baby J & Lil J”

Baby J & Lil J

Houston’s music scene has a record of producing some of the biggest names in music. The southeast texas coast has given us the legendary Beyonce, Scarface, DJ Screw, SPM and in recent years Travis Scott, Megan Thee Stallion, City Girls and Saucewalka. Now on the come up, Lil J & Baby J are a duo that represent everything that this metropolitan jungle is: diverse, busy and deep rooted.

The Third Ward born duo Lil J & Baby J have reached our radar with hit songs “ Ric Flair”, “Demon Time” and “Paradise”. Their voices are unique and their style is versatile. They provide the listener with the empowerment of rap and the grace of an r&b singer.

Lil J & Baby J’s sound is fun and young and represents the youth’s new wave.

Their new album defines their brand of melodic story tellers sharing life growing up in one of Houston’s most infamous neighborhoods.

Their latest album “Stand On Business” may be the best piece of work to ever come out of Houston and proves these two will be the next big thing to come out of H-Town featuring singles like “Block Spinners” featuring JBandzz, “No Chase” featuring Luh Joe and “Blitz”.

This is one of the few independent albums worth giving a listen and by far the hottest album release of 2023 so far!

Check it out here >>> <<<<

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