Toska Nova: The Industry’s Next Big Thing

Toska Nova

 Toska Nova is an up-and-coming artist hailing from the west, whose music is both relatable and meaningful. Having been adopted and church-raised, Toska always felt like an outcast and found solace in music. Toska’s grounding in music began when interning for a Christian music company in high school. From there, Toska began booking shows and working in the business end of music, learning everything about the industry.

Toska has a unique creative process that involves freestyling as a way to connect with the soul and higher power. Instead of formulating words, Toska believes in the energy exchange between souls, which is more important. Toska’s biggest musical infuences include Jelly Roll, Lecrae, Morgan Wallen, and Merkules, but also the independent artists who share their art, which brings a different perspective and understanding of ideas.

Toska’s latest single came from a place of meditation, where the soul spoke, and Toska created the cover art and sent it to the producer and agents. Toska’s live performances are all about connecting with the audience and reciprocating their energy back.

One of the most memorable moments of Toska’s music career so far is the therapy of releasing music independently, which has brought more time to spend with family and apply what’s been learned in music to other avenues of business.

As with anything, challenges and obstacles are a given in the music industry, and Toska believes that everything is a real challenge. From building engagement with potential fans to fnancially building a music business or getting a foot in the door, Toska advises aspiring musicians to keep a positive outlook, build with loved ones, and stay odd and true to themselves.

Regarding the current state of the music industry, Toska believes that it’s in a transitional phase, with almost everything going digital and everyone trying to fnd their niche. Toska sees the industry as being both competitive for independents and majors and corporate buyouts of “independent.”

Toska is an artist to keep an eye on, with a unique sound and a grounded approach to the industry







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